Parent Coaching

At Your Journey Therapy we are dedicated to providing a supportive and comfortable environment for all our clients.

Why Parental Coaching?

Think of parent coaching as seeing a personal trainer to get back into shape! Coping with the issues surrounding raising a child with special needs poses unique challenges for parents.

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed can make raising a family more stressful than it has to be. Talking to a therapist can help you develop coping strategies that can reduce anxiety and offer you more peace of mind.

How can we help and what to expect?

If you’re tired of repeating yourself a thousand times a day…

If you’re not sure what to do next, and you constantly worry that it’s only going to get worse…

If it feels like a never-ending struggle…

If you’re ready for an outside perspective; someone to talk to instead of relying on Google searches and advice from family…

Then you’re in the right place!

Our trained coaches who specialise in psychology and psychotherapy will deliver the sessions. Working with parents individually to address some of their approaches to challenging behaviours, discuss what is working what isn’t, helping them work on regulating their own emotions so they can co-regulate better with their children and managing their own stress and burnout as a parent.

Our coaches have the capacity to help parents of older children in navigating pre-teen and adolescence this is usually re-evaluating behaviour management strategies which may not be working anymore and providing other strategies which promote collaborative problem-solving and communication to difficult behaviours. During these sessions discussing what is developmentally appropriate can also have profound effects and can help parents shift their own expectations of their child (if need be).

Looking after YOU so you can look after others.

It is not easy being a parent and unfortunately our loved ones did not come with a handbook!! It is important for parents to take the time to reach out for help as soon as possible. Having a child who is neurodivergent and with unique needs can be challenging and research shows parents who have higher levels of parenting stress are more likely to have children who demonstrate challenging behaviours and a higher chance of experiencing a strain child/parent relationship.

How can I book in?

Simple! Contact our friendly support team on 9267 9048 or we will set up a convenient time for you to meet one of the team. Our coaches deliver the sessions face to face in clinic or via telehealth video conferencing.


Please contact us here or on 9267 9048 for more information on fees.


Group Parenting Sessions