Frequently Asked Questions

At Your Journey Therapy we are known as a child and family hub which means we cater to most age groups. Some clinicians specialise mainly with young children and adolescence and others see clients of all ages.

Depending on which clinician you are seeing most initial sessions are about the clinician gathering background information of the client. The clinician will spend some time with the parent/ guardian/ carer as well as observing the client to try and gain an overall perspective on what is going on and how they will plan out future sessions. Most initial sessions go for 1 hour.

Not really. You will receive our intake and consent form via email prior to your appointment for your to complete.

However, if you have any reports, assessments results, observations from childcare educators/ teachers/ other allied health professionals and Paediatricians it would be helpful to the clinicians to bring these along so that we are better prepared and have some background information already at hand.

 Depending on your child’s age and abilities it is best a parent/ guardian is present for the sessions especially for the initial session. The purpose is not only to obtain background and feedback but to also observe and learn some activities and strategies especially when it comes to OT, Speech and Behavioral Therapies. However, if your child is old enough and capable to attend the session alone then the parent/guardian is welcome to wait in the waiting room while the session takes place..

 This can be a little tricky to work out especially if you have had no guidance from childcare/kinder/ school or health professionals however don’t worry Your Journey Therapy are here to assist you 😊.

 If you have some concerns with your child and know they need some help but unsure which category it falls under just contact us directly on 9267 9048 or send us an email, Contact — Your Journey Therapy.

 We will ask a couple of questions and direct you to the most suitable clinician for your child.

Only the clinicians can provide you with a clearer idea on how much therapy your child will need. We don’t like to put a number on how many sessions is enough, usually for most of our clients the sessions are ongoing.

If you are unsure a simple conversation with the Your Journey Therapy support team can help to clear this up for you. If not, it may mean that an appointment is made to see the most appropriate clinician and then the clinician will assess the client and advise if an assessment is required. If so, Your Journey Therapy will help to arrange this for you.

Your Journey Therapy clinicians are dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients, therefore sometimes this means visiting the child in their natural environment whether that be at home/ school/ kindergarten/childcare etc. The clinician will work closely with the people around their clients (parents/teachers/ educators) to further understand their client and be able to put in place strategies and plans to assist the client’s therapy.

Simple. Just contact us on 9267 9048 or via email Contact — Your Journey Therapy and our friendly support team will guide you in the right direction. You may need an initial appointment prior to the assessment just to make sure we are providing the correct assessment to suit your child’s needs.

For our Therapy based services such as OT, Speech and Counselling/ Behavioral Therapy there is no waitlist we have appointments readily available. However, with some assessments there is a short waitlist of 4 weeks.

NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Anyone who is diagnosed with a disability can have access to funding to help support them with services such as the ones provided by Your Journey Therapy.

If you think you or your child may be eligible for funding please chat to one of our support team on 9267 9048 or email Contact — Your Journey Therapy and we can help you through the next steps in applying for funding!

If you are seeing one of our Psychologists/ Occupational Therapists/ Speech Therapists that have a provider number, then YES Medicare can provide a rebate for the sessions. To be able to receive a Medicare rebate you would need a GP to complete a Chronic Disease Management Plan (used for Speech and OT sessions) or a Mental Health Care Plan (used for psychological therapy).

Your Journey Therapy is not a bulk billing clinic we only offer a Medicare rebate.  

Our friendly support team will be able to assist you with more information when you phone us on 9267 9048 or email Contact — Your Journey Therapy.

No. If you are wanting to access our services you don’t need a referral from your GP.

However, depending on which clinician you are seeing you may be able to receive a Medicare Rebate for your sessions. You will need to obtain a Chronic Disease Management Plan (used for Speech and OT sessions) or a Mental Health Care Plan (used for psychological therapy) from your GP to receive the rebate.

Please contact us on 9267 9048 or Contact — Your Journey Therapy to confirm if you require either of these plans.